Sunday, June 19, 2016


Howdy!  Thanks for visiting my blog.  It's been over three years since I've written here, but these next thirty days are gonna change all that!

Tomorrow I am starting the Whole30.  This is an experiment I have been thinking about and researching for a while.

It started with seeing #whole30 online, peaked with friends doing it (If everyone jumped off a bridge would you?  Apparently I would.), and ended when I finished the book, It Starts With Food.

I am intrigued with the health benefits people have experienced from eating only meat, vegetables and fruit.  Specifically, I am hoping to reduce my acid reflux, hormonal acne, afternoon lulls, seasonal eczema, hormonal headaches and sugar cravings.

This weekend I spent the majority of my time planning meals for the week and grocery shopping.  I'm not sure how specific I'll get on the blog, mainly because I have no time, but I hope to give you an honest look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of The Whole30 Program.

Yesterday I went to Kroger to do our normal family grocery shopping and tried to get as much Whole30 compliant food there as possible.

I left without bacon, breakfast sausage, lunch meat, tuna, canned chicken, coconut aminos (Don't worry, I don't know what those are either and when I initially typed that, I actually typed AMIGOS!  Coconut Amigos sounds much better to me!), mayonnaise, and beef broth.  All of those items either had sugar or soy in them and those are no-nos on Whole30.

Today I went to Whole Foods and found a few of those items, but not breakfast sausage, mayo, or beef broth.  Thank goodness for Aldi (#amiright?)!  There I found Whole30 approved breakfast sausage and beef broth.  Looks like I'll be making my own mayo.  What?!

Tonight as I was prepping for this week's breakfast and lunch I finished off the white wine and black bean burgers.  Then later I had a snack of extra sharp cheddar cheese and Triscuits.  Now I'm thinking about a brownie in a cup and wondering how in the world I'm gonna make it 30 days without added sugar, dairy, grains, and legumes.  Oy!

Hopefully this blog and you, my followers, will hold me accountable.  Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and/or give me a hard time for doing this to myself.

See ya tomorrow!

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