Saturday, June 25, 2016

Whole30:Day 6

Greetings!  Today is Saturday, Day 6 of my Whole30 experiment and I feel the best I've felt all week!

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't have Tiger Blood (yet), but today I have felt less hungry and didn't experience my typical afternoon lull.

This morning the kids let me and Scott, my husband, sleep until 8:00!  I could have slept longer.

For breakfast Scott made eggs and side pork.  Side pork was the only bacon-ish meat we could find that didn't have sugar in it.  Turns out it is extremely salty and recommended for cooking vegetables, like greens.  I only ate a few bites and gave the rest to the dog.

My son and I cleaned his room after breakfast and worked up an appetite before lunchtime.  I snacked on fresh pineapple.

Once my blood sugar was stabilized I made mayonnaise.  Word up.  It was simple and yummy! The recipe is in In Starts with Food, but it only contains egg, lemon juice, light tasting olive oil, mustard powder and salt.

While I was making the mayo I boiled chicken for chicken salad.  I like to keep chicken salad simple so that I can use it in various ways.  Mine contains chicken, mayo, celery, dill relish, salt and pepper.  I'll probably dip raw carrots and celery in it or use it as my protein for lunch this week.

For lunch I ate the last pumpkin pancake from yesterday.  I warmed it up and topped it with four slices of deli ham and cubed avocado.  It was delish!

Regarding the deli ham.  It was Scott's and it was natural.  However, it had dextrose in it, which is added sugar.  Technically, this is a cheat.  However, cheating was not my motive.  I was not craving sugar and did not need a fix.  Honestly, there were only four slices left in the container and I was trying to clean out the fridge before going grocery shopping.  Everyone else had already eaten lunch and didn't want it, so I took one for the team.  ;-)

Side note:  There is dextrose in table salt which is allowed on Whole30.  As I've said before, I don't want this "diet" to be about legalistically following arbitrary rules - like dextrose is allowed in salt, but not lunchmeat so if I eat lunchmeat with dextrose then I have to start over.  Some people my not have eaten the lunchmeat and some people might consider that a cheat.  I disagree with some people.

Between lunch and dinner I snacked on raw carrots and celery and made my signature smoothie.

For dinner I ate leftover chicken and asparagus from last night with a half a sweet potato on the side.  I used ghee and cinnamon to flavor the sweet potato and called it good.

Once the kids were in bed I made a cup of decaf coffee and paired it with a Whole30 compliant Larabar while I finished reading The Weight of Water.

What did you do today?  What did you eat?

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