Thursday, June 23, 2016

Whole30:Day Four

Howdy!  Hey Scott White!

Day Four is supposedly a "Kill All the Things" day, but lemme tell ya (as my four year old would say), I don't feel that way.  Yay!

My little alarm clock woke me up just before 7 this morning.  I was hoping to wake up early and get a move on, but nope, coulda stayed in bed all day.

For breakfast I had my usual hot lemon water (Are you tired of reading that yet?) and the last of the frittata.  Not long after that I ate fresh fruit.

For lunch I had the same salad I've had all week, but you'll be glad to know the pork loin is all gone, which means tomorrow I'll change up breakfast and lunch!

While I was making lunch I nibbled on raw carrots and celery and a couple hours after lunch I made my signature smoothie.  (See yesterday's post for ingredients.)

On Thursday afternoons I work from 3 to 7 and take snacks and supper.  Today I snacked on applesauce.  For supper I ate the ground turkey and sweet potato hash I made last night.

No decisions about potato chips or stevia today, thank goodness!  No cheats and no strong cravings.

I did have an afternoon lull between 2 and 3, but I got through it with water.  I also felt hungry between the applesauce and dinner, and again, I got through it with water.

How do you get through your afternoon lulls?

After dinner I made a hot cup of decaf coffee, you know, 'cause it's not hot enough outside.  ;-)

Once home from work my stomach got a little upset.  I think my body is reacting more like Days 8-9 right now.  But, I ended the day with a spoonful of cashew butter, just like last night, and I'm ready to call it a day.  A successful day.

Hope to see ya again tomorrow for Day Five!

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