Friday, June 24, 2016

Whole30:Day Five

Hey.  I'm grumpy.  Maybe I'm just tired.  Worn out from taking care of two kids all day.  Or, maybe it really is a Kill All the Things day.  Also, my phone got wet.

This morning my little red headed alarm clock woke me up around 7, but I snoozed as long as I could.  By 7:45 my other red head was begging for breakfast.  I am so ready for the "Tiger Blood" energy that will (hopefully) get me out of bed without an alarm clock.  I'd really like to be a morning person.

For breakfast I had hot lemon water and pumpkin pancakes.  Pancakes?!  No, not really.  The ingredients are eggs, pumpkin, pure vanilla extract, baking soda, and cinnamon.  All are Whole30 approved, but for some reason, "paleo pancakes" are not allowed on the Whole30. (Actually, the pure vanilla extract has corn syrup in it, but since it's negligible I'm not worried about it.)  (And, why does it have corn syrup in it?!  Come on, Food Industry!)

If you read It Starts with Food and/or Whole30 it is clear that the authors don't want you to cheat.  So, for instance, if you normally eat pancakes in the morning then you shouldn't switch ingredients to try to make them healthy just so you can get your fix.  Instead, you should eat something healthier with fresh ingredients - real food.

But, here's my take on the whole thing (no pun intended).  I don't see any difference in mixing eggs with spinach and spices in order to make a frittata and mixing eggs with pumpkin and spices in order to make pancakes (that aren't really pancakes, by the way).  The only difference is the pan you cook 'em in and whether you use the stove or oven.  Make sense?

So, I went rogue and enjoyed my cinnamon pumpkin eggs, but the rest of the day was on point.

For lunch I had salad greens with tomatoes, avocados and leftover rotisserie chicken.  I nibbled on raw carrots and celery while throwing it together and enjoyed a naturally flavored seltzer water.

After lunch I still felt hungry so I ate another pumpkin pancake.  (The recipe made five. I had three for breakfast and still have one left.)

Around 2 I felt famished and made my signature smoothie which held me over until supper.  Just prior to cooking I ate two slices of turkey bologna and enjoyed a glass of iced tea.  Unsweetened, of course.

I cooked and ate at a friend's house.  My friend roasted asparagus with EVOO, salt and pepper while I made a Whole30 recipe of Creamy Chicken Tarragon.  Ingredients were chicken breasts, mushrooms, salt, pepper, tarragon, garlic, green onion, chicken broth and coconut milk.

We served the chicken over salad greens with the sauce as a dressing.  Meanwhile, my friend, who helped me cook and was supposed to eat it with me, decided to eat pizza and ice cream.  Can you even believe her?!  Geesh.

When we got home I ate a tablespoon of cashew butter, apparently my nightly ritual, and drank a bit of almond milk.

What did you eat today?  Was today your cheat day?  Maybe you cheat all weekend like I used to do...

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  1. thank you for not mentioning names to protect the guilty