Friday, July 8, 2016

Whole30:Day 19

Good evening.  It's storming here, again, and I'm sure the kids will be down any minute.

Until then I'll tell you about my day.

First of all, I slept until 8:30.  The kids were occupied until then, but I guess they finally realized they were hungry.  I should have gotten up when Scott got up for work, but that bed is just too darn cozy and for some reason I still have not morphed into Tigger or gotten the Tiger Blood so infamous with the Whole30.  Feeling rested and waking without an alarm clock is probably what I wanted most out of the Whole30, but so far, I've only had a few mornings like that.

For breakfast I had the last of the frittata, fruit salad and hot lemon water.  I am a major creature of habit.

I did not have a morning snack.  Probably because I slept late and had a late breakfast.  Or maybe because my breakfast was larger than usual.  Or, possibly because I was busy with the kids while trying to clean the fridge.

How do refrigerators get so nasty?!  Dog hair?!  Is it just ours?!  I gave Foster all the expired stuff.  He mixed it all together and then tasted it for a quarter.  Funny kid.

Either way, for lunch I had my usual salad greens with tomato and avocado.  The protein was chicken salad.  I enjoyed the salad with unsweetened tea.

After lunch the kids and I went to my neighbor's to swim.  Thank you Scarlett!  Once home I had my signature smoothie for a snack.

Usually that smoothie holds me over until dinner, but today I was hungry.  Scott brought home his lunch leftovers, which included Public Deli salami.  I topped a piece of it with avocado before he asked if I was sure I could eat it.  Duh.  I looked at the ingredients and Dextrose was listed.

Since dextrose is a sugar it is not allowed on the Whole30, but an exception is made for table salt which contains dextrose.  And, you know me, if the authors of Whole30 can make an exception  for table salt, I can make an exception for salami.

We went back to Scarlett's house for dinner where she and I made a Thai curry dish.  The ingredients were coconut milk, green curry paste, onions, yellow bell pepper, cauliflower, pineapple and shrimp.

The recipe is from It Starts With Food and made enough for the two of us.  Everyone else had pizza.

Scarlett and I went on a long walk after dinner and I thanked a Mount Juliet police officer and a retired police officer for their service.

Mine and Scarlett's dads are both retired police officers and our hearts are breaking for those that were killed in Dallas last night.  We are praying for their families and for the families of the men killed in Minnesota and Louisiana.  May the truth of each case be determined soon so that we can all be set free from anger and judgement.  So that those who died can rest in peace and those that pulled the triggers can be held accountable or exonerated.

Lord have mercy.


  1. The food was delicious and the company great. Yes- praying with Aron for the police officers who protect us, risking their lives DAILY. Praying for those killed in all instances and for justice.

    Day 19, could hardly keep up with A-ron on the walk, and her arms are looking more sculpted (I'm jealous). I guess I need to get healthy too! But, I didn't want or miss the pizza! Did have my red wine tho.

    Congrats- almost there!


  2. Not wanting or missing pizza is a huge victory!