Sunday, July 17, 2016

Whole30:Day 28

Day 28!  Four days since I've posted.  Two days to go!

I have no idea what I've eaten in the past four days, but I can assure you that it (or at least the ingredients) was Whole30 compliant!  Almond "pancakes", salmon cakes, salad, fruit, nuts.

Last week I bought an Instant Pot (or as I call it, Instapot) on Amazon Prime Day.  I have several friends who have one and rave about it.  So far I'm loving it!

This afternoon the kids and I did the water test to make sure it works.  Then I "boiled" eggs in it.  I forgot to make an extra egg to taste, so I'll find out tomorrow if they're any good.  Scott eats them for breakfast during the week and he said they definitely peeled easier.

Right now I'm cooking frozen chicken breasts in it.  The cook time is 12 minutes!  My plan is to make chicken salad tomorrow.

After three weeks and 5 days I can tell you that Whole30 staples are eggs, unsweetened almond milk, salad greens, avocados, tomatoes, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, spinach, bell peppers, frozen broccoli, frozen cauliflower, frozen sugar snap peas, frozen green beans, beef, chicken, turkey, ghee, unsweetened cocoa, bananas, other in season fruit and vegetables, tree nuts, and Whole30 compliant coconut products, almond butter and cashew butter.

With only two days to go I'm still not sure what to reintroduce first! I am planning to enjoy a glass of red wine on Day 31, but other than that, I'm not sure what I've missed most - or at all.

My skin is clearer, my nails seem stronger, my tummy seems flatter, my waist seems slimmer.  I have had less headaches and have been weaning off famotidine, an acid blocker.

When I was pregnant with Foster I developed heartburn/acid reflux/GERD.  My OB prescribed Zantac which I took until after he was born.  I went off the medication, but had to go back on something.  My family doctor prescribed Aciphex, a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) which I took daily until about two years ago.

PPIs are not for long-term use and even though my doctor assured me they were okay, I was experiencing frequent headaches and symptoms of a magnesium deficiency, which are side effects of PPI use over one year.

Since weaning off Aciphex I have been using over the counter acid blockers.  Many people who have completed the Whole30 talk about weaning off medications, specifically for heartburn, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I am down to taking the famotidine every third day and using Tums as needed.  We'll see how it goes once the Whole30 is over and I'm no longer taking a daily acid blocker.  Wish me luck!

I'll let you know how the frozen chicken breasts fared in the Instapot and what my final thoughts are in my next post.

Until then...

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